When you visit our web site our server automatically recognizes and registers the domain from where you are accessing the internet (for example,, if you connect through AOL), the date and time you enter the web site and the IP (Internet Protocol) address from the site that led you to ours. This information allows us to create statistics about our site. Such statistics helps us understand how our web site is being used and what we can do to make it more useful to those who access it. This information is not stored in formats that allow personal identification.


The information you provide us will be used to attend your needs and will allow us to have the material presented custom-made based on prior visits. They are also used in our communication with you and in improving the site content. The main goal for collecting personal information is the supply of services characteristics and custom-made content, allowing an effective and unique experience to better suit your needs. If you prefer to identify yourself by email or online form, Agri-Tractors and its partners will access this information to be able to contact you. We also keep information about the pages you are used to accessing. These information provided by you, such as evaluations, comments or critics, could be saved for internal use, in a personal identification format, not being shared with people or organizations not related to Agri-Tractors, its subsidiaries or business partners. If we decide to release your name to organizations or people outside this group, or the fact that you have provided us with materials or information, we will ask for your permission to use your name with any information sent to any part of this web site.


This site may contain links to third-party sites and sponsors not related to Agri-Tractors. Agri-Tractors is not responsible for the Privacy Policy of such web sites.


Cookies are small files written on your hard disk that allow us to provide custom-made services. We can use cookies so you don't have to type your access code many times during a session. No other personal information is stored on these cookies.


Agri-Tractors will release any information required by law or Court order.


We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to protect the transmission of information by our online forms. All information transmitted by this manner is kept on secure mode. When sending an email, your message will be secure against interception only if you use a web browser with the secure function activated. Agri-Tractors has the right to change this policy at any time. The use of any acquired information will be subject to the Privacy Policy available at the time. Users who want to keep up to date to any changes can go to the Privacy Policy section of our web site.

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